Today, I am thankful for quite a few things.

Things I am thankful for:

*Being able to go to graduate school. Even though it is hard sometimes, it is completely worth it.

*To have people in my life that support me through the difficult parts of this program and life in general.

*To have income, albeit a small amount.

*To have my health.

*To have the opportunity to travel to the Western Caribbean and the Dominican Republic this summer–I miss traveling.

Sometimes it really is important to look on the bright side, today is one of those days. Looking forward to next weekend when each day is filled with a different set of friends and family.



Beginning to Blog

While I haven’t tried blogging before (other than when Xanga was cool…do you remember that?), I am always super impressed with other people blogging. I learn something every time I read them.

Life is a bit hectic right now–it’s my final semester of graduate school and I will have my Master of Social Work degree as of May 11, 2013 (aka 3.5 months or so from now). I have a field placement that is three days a week with a population I really enjoy working with (v/s of human trafficking), a graduate assistantship (and editorial assistant for an academic journal), and four classes.My classes should be interesting, as I will be taking Human Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction, Crisis Intervention, Play Therapy, and Policy (blargh). Lots of reading, per usual, but not too much writing which should make this a relatively enjoyable last semester.

Last night I was able to see some of my favorite friends from undergrad. Matt and I went with our friends Brynn and Chris to DMK Burgers (amazing) and I was able to have a bison burger and some of the most delectable mac and cheese I have ever had. Following this amazing meal, we took the trip to Albany Park to see some other great folks, which was nostalgic and awesome.

*few* You might be asking yourself, “But Amanda, you are so busy! How do you have time for amazing brunch?”. The answer to that, my friends, is procrastination. A double brunch date to Orange with a Peel with a Pixar Pancake Flight. The best idea of the day. Now, I do not have pictures of these amazing pancakes, but I do have the descriptions of them to make your mouths water, which is listed below. The themes were Up, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc, and the Incredibles. Perhaps if I keep up with this blogging business I can start taking pictures to add?

That’s all for now, folks.