Beginning to Blog

While I haven’t tried blogging before (other than when Xanga was cool…do you remember that?), I am always super impressed with other people blogging. I learn something every time I read them.

Life is a bit hectic right now–it’s my final semester of graduate school and I will have my Master of Social Work degree as of May 11, 2013 (aka 3.5 months or so from now). I have a field placement that is three days a week with a population I really enjoy working with (v/s of human trafficking), a graduate assistantship (and editorial assistant for an academic journal), and four classes.My classes should be interesting, as I will be taking Human Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction, Crisis Intervention, Play Therapy, and Policy (blargh). Lots of reading, per usual, but not too much writing which should make this a relatively enjoyable last semester.

Last night I was able to see some of my favorite friends from undergrad. Matt and I went with our friends Brynn and Chris to DMK Burgers (amazing) and I was able to have a bison burger and some of the most delectable mac and cheese I have ever had. Following this amazing meal, we took the trip to Albany Park to see some other great folks, which was nostalgic and awesome.

*few* You might be asking yourself, “But Amanda, you are so busy! How do you have time for amazing brunch?”. The answer to that, my friends, is procrastination. A double brunch date to Orange with a Peel with a Pixar Pancake Flight. The best idea of the day. Now, I do not have pictures of these amazing pancakes, but I do have the descriptions of them to make your mouths water, which is listed below. The themes were Up, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc, and the Incredibles. Perhaps if I keep up with this blogging business I can start taking pictures to add?

That’s all for now, folks.



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