Vacations and Graduation

The months of May and June have been complete whirlwinds. May began with my sister finishing her Bachelor of Science and me finishing my Master of Social Work. These were big accomplishments, as it has been a rough year for our family, but we both made it!

Image           Image

Before my graduation, my whole family, my best friend, and my partner took a trip to one of my favorite places to eat in the city–Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! The tapas and blood orange sangria were to die for. Ignore my dad’s awful face (he never smiles).


Because of these dual accomplishments, my mom, sister, and I took a cruise to the Western Caribbean. We finally had some time with just the three of us and we all had a blast! I couldn’t have picked anyone else to laugh at the shows with (America! America!!), have a few drinks with, and to generally hang out with. However, we all agree that if we take another cruise again it will be on Royal Caribbean, NOT Carnival. The highlight of this trip was definitely riding ATV’s through the jungle in the middle of Cozumel, Mexico and snorkling at a private beach after (we could not get pictures of this without paying an astronomical amount of money, so use your imaginations). My dear mother even participated and felt the rush ;).

The trip was exactly what we all needed. A period of time to be disconnected and relax before studying for licensing and entering the real world. My mom and I were so excited on the plane!


The ship looked a little something like this (similar to cruise commercials, in my opinion):


But I think my favorite shot that my sister took was of Grand Cayman:


As if this trip was not enough, I then had the amazing opportunity to travel to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding. What a crazy and amazing experience! I had never been to an all inclusive resort and would recommend doing this to anyone. We stayed at Iberostar Bavaro in Punta Cana. The food, service, location, and everything else was completely awesome. I was happy to be able to practice my Spanish a bit and it seemed like a good number of the people that worked there appreciated that I put forth an effort. The resort looked a little something like this (y como el paraíso):


And there were birds (like flamingos and peacocks) all over the resort. Here is an example:


Although this trip was awesome in different ways, the main festivity was the wedding. Matt’s brother and (now) wife looked gorgeous and were great hosts. I am so grateful and feel so privileged to have been a part of this very special occasion in their lives.

Didn’t they look great?


I had a great first vacation with Matt and I feel that we not only got closer, but I was able to get an opportunity to get to know his family even more (which was great!).

This one is a little blurry, but I like it.


Thank you to my sister, Sarah, and to Kim (Matt’s sister-in-law) for the use of your pictures. :).

Obviously, life has not had a chance to slow down and my body has not really been able to catch up. As I continue to apply for jobs, I am hoping I will be able to sleep a little. For now, I will keep nannying and will soon start back on the hotline.

Life is good. ~alb


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