End of June, Beginning of July

How lucky am I? I have been fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time with both family and friends the past few weeks and it has been a blast! The last weekend in June was the gay pride parade in Chicago. I always love attending. I am able to be an ally and also see some really cool stuff all in one. The best part was that my love and I were able to meet up with my bestie Sara and her boyfriend Rob. In addition, we were able to see some old friends along with new friends all wrapped into one. Here is a picture of our group earlier in the day (even though poor Matt’s face is blocked out by the “d” in “word”):

Image And here is a picture of Sara and I, before I was sunburned, waiting for the bathroom in the Chicago summer heat:


Later that night we got to go to Piece Pizza with our “church” group and that was, per usual, delicious and fun! In case you have not heard of Piece, it is an awesome pizzeria/brewery in Wicker Park co-founded by the lead guitarist from Cheap Trick, Rick Nielsen. Anyways, both their beer and pizza are amazing and it is always at least a 45 minute wait. By the way, this wait is totally worth it.

Moving along my week of adventures leads me to my attendance of Jazzin’ at the Shedd on Wednesday July 3. It was a nice double date with Matt, Sara, Rob and I. They had all of the exhibits open (including the Jellies!) and we were very happy that the fireworks at Navy Pier still happened to cap off the evening, despite the rain earlier in the day. It was a great night because of the company, the fireworks, the price (Living Social deal, essentially two admissions for the price of one) and the view (as you can see below):


Finally, the fourth. What a crazy day that was! Matt and I planned on hitting up three parties…which we actually did. We were not sure this was going to happen, but we did it! The first BBQ was at my mom’s house. I got to spend time with my aunt, cousin, uncle, mom, dad, and most importantly my sister. I really feel like we’ve been getting closer lately and I love it! Below is a picture of my mom’s dog, Riley. Who has diabetes. And is patriotic:


The next BBQ we went to was at Matt’s brother’s friend’s place (a complicated “how do you know this person?”, I know). But that was a nice time too! Matt and I got to spend a little time with his siblings and their wives which was great. As we drove to our last party of the night on 55 to the Dan Ryan, we ended up seeing fireworks all over the place at dusk and it was neat. Finally, we ended the night at the home of our good group of friends (Andy, Laura, Alex, and Joe) and got to see the ENTIRE group (including Alec and Emily!). The party was on the roof and, even though there were trees, it was still awesome to be surrounded by fireworks and good company. Laura made this ‘Murica cake:


*few*. It has been a fun few weeks, so Matt and I took it easy yesterday with some brunch and the farmer’s market. We went to Batter and Berries on Lincoln (which was very tasty!) and had delish food. I had a french toast flight (blueberry, strawberry, lemon, caramel, and dreamsicle flavors) and Matt had a lobster and goat cheese omelet (WHAT) and both were great and rich and fantastic. It was really¬† nice to get some alone time after all of the social obligations.

Overall, I am incredibly lucky to get to spend this after-school-before-working-full-time-time with those I care about.

Until next time,



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