August and New Beginnings

The month of August has been good to me. The best news is…I HAVE A JOB. I am working full-time hours with The Salvation Army. Part time with victims of human trafficking and part time with seniors. If all goes well, this will shift to mostly working  with seniors and some work with victims of human trafficking in October (AND to an exempt position). This means that I will be learning quite a bit in the next month or so and working as hard as I can to do well in these positions.

Because of this fantastic/exciting/amazing news, I was able to find a new apartment to live in instead of moving back with my parents!!! Not that I don’t love them and all, but I haven’t lived at home in 6 years…Anyways, Matt and I are moving to Foster and Damen and couldn’t be more excited. A bigger place for less money? Sounds good to me! Goodbye, Lincoln Park. Hello, Ravenswood/Andersonville!

Aside from all of this great news, I was also able to have some adventures with friends. I haven’t seen much family this month because of the distance/time constraints, but will hopefully be able to change this soon. My dear mother is helping me move tomorrow, so at least I will be able to see her.

Earlier in the month, I was able to go with my Matt, best friend Sara, and her boyfriend Rob to see The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers accompanied by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Ravinia. Basically, you get to listen to awesome music under the stars while watching a film from a great series. What could be better? I’ll tell you what! Strangers that are kind. At intermission, a woman came out from the seats, asked if there were four of us, and handed us four tickets for ACTUAL seats instead of the lawn. Not only were they actual seats, but we enjoyed watching the second half of the performance from BOX seats (which we did not know existed at Ravinia). It was amazing AND we could see everything! This woman was too sweet. Here is an awesome picture to give you an idea:


Matt and I were chatting, but you get the idea of how cool this was.

My next adventure was with Leah (awesome friend from grad school) and Brynn (awesome friend from undergrad). We went to an event at the Nature Museum called “Nature on Tap“. I could not find a link with a description on the Peggy Notebaert Museum page, so I linked the Goldstar description. Pretty much, you get to have craft beer at the museum, see the butterfly haven, and do “nature” trivia. All with no children! Yay! I always love introducing good people to each other, so bringing Brynn and Leah together was a no brainer.Here we all are, enjoying ourselves:


Good times! Finally, to deal with the stress of moving and to celebrate me getting a job, Matt and I went to Geja’s Cafe in Lincoln Park. This is one of my favorite places in the city. It is an awesome fondue place. You get three courses if you do the premier dinner: a cheese fondue (swiss and gruyere) served with fruit and bread, an oil fondue to cook your veggies and meat or tofu in (I got aged beef tenderloin and scallops while Matt got aged beef tenderloin with lobster–both were awesome!), and a chocolate fondue (served with pound cake, marshmallows, and fruit). The food looks something like this on the table:


We had a bottle of wine (Honoro Vera 2012) that was jammy, delicious, and light to go with the meal. Finally, we finished the night with Frangelico Cappuccinos and slept happily. This is a completely romantic and adorable place!


It was an exciting month and I am ready for my next chapter.

Until then,



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