October 2013–Halloween Fun

Fall is my favorite time of year and I like to take every opportunity I have to do things to celebrate the different holidays. This month, I participated in quite a few Halloween-esque activities. First, a few weeks ago, I was able to go to some haunted houses with a few old friends, Justin and Jim, that I used to work with in high school. It was great to see them! They’re as awful as ever ;). The first haunted house we went to was Dungeon of Doom in Zion, IL. It was actually pretty cool. I, of course, freaked myself out before going in, but I got used to the people jumping out at me pretty quickly. It was a 45 minute haunted house and did not disappoint, although we were squirted with water too often for my liking…

The second haunted house was Asylum Xperiment, in Villa Park, IL. While the scenery in this was spooooky and scary, the house was a disappointment overall. The traffic flow was horrible and we found ourselves waiting between almost every room. We got there at about 9:30pm, about 2 hours after opening, and the actors seemed exhausted/not putting in a ton of effort to scare people. It happens, but I would definitely rather have gone to this haunted house earlier in the season or earlier in the night.

The next fun Halloween thing I did was go to a little get together with my “church” group. We made spoooooky food, carved pumpkins, and watched The Strangers. I think I like that movie because it could feasibly happen, unlike some of the more monster genre scary movies. Don’t get me wrong, I love those too, but there is just something creepy about this movie that makes it unique.

I made mummy hotdogs and Emily made graveyard cupcakes!


Here is my pumpkin:


Here is a picture of Matt and I with our pumpkins:


And here is our group of pumpkins (Andy, Matt, Alec/Emily, Me, Alex):


Super spooky, right? Our pumpkins were adorbz and we had a good time. The next Halloween festivity I attended was a shindig at my pal, Brynn’s, new apartment in Lincoln Park. A ton of our old friends came and it was a blast! Sara and Rob came over and got ready and the four of us headed over to Paige’s in Lakeview. Her place is totally gorgeous and she made some awesome spiked cider before heading to Brynn’s for the rest of the night. It was great to see the people I was able to and spend time with friends. Here was my costume with Matt. I was a zombie and he was a lumberjack that I bit while he was chopping wood…in the forest?:


Here is a picture that Paige’s boyfriend, Jeff, took with his Polaroid camera:


Today is actually Halloween and I am using it as a much needed self-care day. I was able to take the day off because I worked last weekend. I have spent the day doing a few things I love the most: cooking, wine, scary movies, yoga, and doing it all with my Matt. Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe.



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