Novemberween Gift Exchange!

Hey folks! Checking in for the month of November. I have a few highlights from my adventures this month. FIRST of all, I will now be a full-time staff member of The Salvation Army beginning mid-December. This meets a salary, benefits, and vacation/sick time. I am more than excited and grateful for this opportunity. As this is the month of thanks, I am also grateful for my health, my family, my friends, my Matt, co-workers, clients, having a roof over my head (this was especially put into perspective after the tornadoes that hit just a bit too close to home), having enough food to eat, and having the opportunity to get an advanced degree. This has been a crazy, exciting, stressful, and overall amazing year and I hope next year finds me in more of a settled situation.

In other news, I started off the month by going to the Kate Nash concert at the Metro Chicago with my friends Sara and Annette, two fabulous ladies that I enjoy spending time with. Here is a picture of Kate herself!

ImageThe next adventure I went on was going to the Ohio State vs. University of Illinois in Champaign, IL. Champaign is actually closer than I thought and I had not been to a college football game in about four years, so I figured why not! Matt and I drove down with a few of his friends and had a really fun time at the game (Ohio State obviously won) and there was a surprising amount of scarlet in the crowd. Apparently, Columbus to Champaign was not an unreasonable distance to travel to see this game. Matt is a big OSU fan, so we also dressed in scarlet:

ImageAfter the OSU game, I had the chance to see the tree-lighting ceremony at Union Station which kicks off The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. You know those people ringing bells outside of most grocery stores? That is a Red Kettle and 80% of that money goes directly to those being served by The Salvation Army. I spent a good amount of time learning more about this campaign at the event and seeing a few Christmas acts. Here is a picture of me at that event with the Shield mascot. Ha! Who knew THAT existed?

ImageThe next adventure of the month was attending two separate Friendsgiving events. The first was at Matt’s friend Andi’s apartment in Printers Row. That was really nice and I met a good deal of new people. The next Friendsgiving, however, was hosted by Matt and I. Matt made the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce and I made sweet potatoes and rolls. Our friends brought the rest of the awesome food! We had food from the south, Midwest, and Philippines. Totally eclectic bunch of awesome awesome people (Andy, Laura, Alex, Alec, Emily, John, and Mark). We watched Thankskiling 3 kind of. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. If you are going to watch a Thankskilling, watch the first one. The third is trying too hard. Here is a picture of the food and a secret picture of my friends eating heh heh heh:


ImageFriendsgiving was awesome, as I love seeing these folks and I love cooking/hosting. However, there is nothing quite like seeing family on actual Thanksgiving, both mine and Matt’s. I love how welcoming Matt’s family is to me at holidays and I love my mother’s cooking and seeing my family. It was a nice day spent with awesome people. Here is my family:

ImageThe last adventure of the month was going to a wine tasting at Wine Styles in Shorewood with my Aunt Nancy, mom, and sister. It was a blast! I got a Groupon for the tasting in August for my aunt’s birthday, but we were unable to go until my sister was back from school. This was our first opportunity. We had quite a few different wines and realized we all have totally different palates. What was nice was that we were all able to find something we liked! Highly recommended, especially since the shop splits up wines by taste instead of grape. This is super helpful and I recommend it!

As many of you know, I love the Christmas season. This next month will be full of fun and decorations so stay tuned! I will be spending time bowling with my sister tonight and putting up Christmas decorations in my apartment tomorrow. Have a great holiday season and I hope you all get enough time with your family and friends.




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    yep. great picture.

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