I have not written in awhile. If you’re in the Chicago area, you know how rough of a winter this was! What that meant is that I did not leave the house very much unless I had to during the first quarter of the year. Now, however, the sun is shining and only a light jacket is needed. I am in a MUCH better mood and have tons more energy. So, what have I done the past few months?

Well first, I celebrated Valentine’s day with my Matt. We don’t usually do anything, but decided to make a “heart shaped” pizza. Obviously, this worked so well…

ImageTowards the end of February, we were able to see Matt’s family a bit before the two new little ones were born in March! We were able to see Matt’s niece, Jill, kick some butt at her Tae Kwon Do tournament AND celebrate her last birthday as an only child with her all in the same weekend. Here is Jill blowing out her candles, a little blurry but too cute!:

jilly bdayIn March, Matt became an uncle again–twice! He (we) now has/have two new nieces. Nola Rose is Kerry and Kim’s new baby girl and Jill’s new little sister. She was born on March 12. She was 6lbs 14oz and 20.5″ long. Absolutely precious. What was the best was watching Matt hold her for the first time. He was being SO careful and looked like he thought he would drop her any second. I wish I had a picture of that. Here is a one month picture of Ms. Nola:

NolaOn March 29, Matt’s other brother and his wife, Mark and Shannon, had their first child. A beautiful baby girl named Mackenzie Grace was born at 8lbs 10oz and was 21″ long. Much chubbier than Nola, Mackenzie was fun to hold and Matt did not look NEARLY as nervous. Here is a picture of her!:

MackenzieAside from the babies, Matt and I were able to see some friends and celebrate St. Paddy’s day in March. We started the day going to a fundraiser at a bar with Laura and Andy. It was my first time actually going out for the holiday and I had a good time! Also my first time drinking green beer:

paddy drinksfriends

Late that night, Matt and I went and met our friends Sara, Rob, Sabrina, Mike, and one of Rob’s friends from the old neighborhood. We all got dinner from Standard Market, bowled, and played Cards Against Humanity. I won and the top banana award, haha.

top bananaIt’s always a blast seeing these folks. Other than that, we tried a few new restaurants that we liked. We went to Vincent Chicago for our four year anniversary on April 7. Finally, we went to Piece Pizza, an old favorite, for an early celebration of Matt’s 25th birthday (which is tomorrow!).  To end this post, I think it is fair to post a picture of Matt at my mom’s house with all of her animals surrounding him. He is the animal wheesperer.

animal wheesperer

The first part of the year has been filled with new life and old favorites. Hoping for good things to come!




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