Happy Summer!

Hey all! Now that May is coming to an end and Chicago is getting temperatures that are pretty consistently in the 80s, it is “officially” summer. While my apartment does not have AC, there are a few things that I love about summertime in the city.

1. Farmer’s Markets. There are city run markets, neighborhood markets, and independent markets. I am excited to check out the ones in our new ‘hood!

2. Plenty of spots to soak up the sun. Moving north definitely has one major perk: Less crowded beaches! Now, we all know that there is nothing more annoying than getting sand in every place imaginable, but there is something super relaxing about sitting close to the lake and simply being present. I will be spending a bit of time riding my bike to Foster beach.

3. Movies in the Park. The “Night Out in the Parks” initiative run by the Park District is pretty awesome and offers a ton of different events throughout the city, but I enjoy sitting in the grass with friends at dusk and enjoying movies. Millennium Park also does it’s own film series, and you can bring wine to this one! 🙂

4. Any concert at Ravinia. Easily accessible by Metra, this venue offers live music and you can bring snacks and booze, should you choose. I am going to see the third LoTR movie with CSO accompaniment in August and am already excited, as I try to get there once a year.

5. Any of the many street festivals and events throughout the city. This awesome person made a Google calendar of summer events in the city and you should definitely check it out to see if anything is of interest! It has fests, parades, fireworks, etc for the months of May-October.

6. A bunch of outdoor free/donation yoga classes. Find a schedule here. I am also excited to check out Jodi Geoghan for beach classes, as one of the most inspirational yoga teachers I have had has recommended. Her beach classes are $10. I took beach classes for a season at North Avenue. While it was cool to practice on the beach, the teacher’s were not the best and I felt the classes could lead to injury. I’m looking forward to trying teachers who have a bit more experience with the outdoor classes, the terrain, and a safe order of sequences.

Now that I’m sure I’ve bored you all, I want to say congratulations to my partner for finishing law school! I am so proud of you and know you will do great things. Here is a picture of Matthew Zarobsky, J.D. and a few of his friends (Phil and Rebecca) at their graduation:


Here is a picture of the celebratory dinner after graduation. Matt’s immediate family came and my mom and sister joined us.

image_5I also would like to say congratulations to Nic and Hattie Cable on getting married yesterday! We were so happy to be invited and had a great time at the lovely ceremony and reception.


beasty boys

I hope you all enjoy your summer and are able to spend a significant amount of time relaxing and doing whatever fun things you like to do!