Autumn 2014

Hello friends!

I haven’t posted in awhile–things have been busy (as usual) but I thought I’d post and let you all see what I’ve been up to this fall, as it is my favorite season. Although I didn’t get to apple pick this year, I have been able to take a few trips outside of the city and enjoy the foliage. In September, I was able to stop by Bloomington with Matt to see Sara and Rob and we had a great time! We primarily spent the weekend walking around, eating, and playing Munchkin (which is awesome if you love card games!). Here are a few snapshots of the weekend. We started out going to a drag show at a random bar, which ended up being a really fun time:

image (1)

Saturday was spent walking around the Farmer’s Market and eating awesome food truck breakfast from Two Blokes and a Bus. The huevos rancheros were out of this world! Two Blokes and a Bus

Here is a snapshot of Matt and the president that he looks the most like:

image (5)

Next is a picture of Munchkin, all set up.

image (6)

We had a blast and always love seeing those two peeps. The next mini-trip I took was to see my baby sister, Sarah, at grad school. My mom and I took a trip down there to see her and it was a great time. Mom and I started off by checking out the Mississippi River, which I had never seen. Here is the big muddy and myself:

image (12)

We then went out to dinner with my sister at Fuji Sushi and Steak House to eat amazing Hibachi (who doesn’t like dinner and a show?). The next morning, my mom and I went to see my sister be an athletic trainer in action during the football game! We watched a school record be broken and the Hawks were victorious. Here is my sister in action:

image (2)

My mom and I at the game:

image (3)

And another snapshot of my mom, which I think is too cute. She’s trying to make the same face as the pumpkin (at my direction):


We finished up Saturday by going to a Quincy staple–The Abbey! This is important…I had my first dirty martini. I now have a fancy drink to order if I’m ever in the situation. Delicious and classic. The next morning, my sister made us breakfast and we were on our way back to Chicago. We ended up celebrating Halloween with our “church” friends (Andy, Laura, Alec, Emily, Alex, Sean, Molly etc) the weekend before the holiday. Here are our pumpkins and the treats Emily and I put together! I made the cauldron, she made the mummy oreo nutella truffles (DELICIOUS).

image (8)

image (9)

image (10)

Then came actual Halloween. We spent the weekend with Sara and Rob (again) and had an awesome time (again). It’s definitely their turn to travel and see us in the coming months :). Matt and I were Medusa and Perseus (Medusa’s demise).

image (7)

Overall, it was an eventful beginning of fall. I’m excited to take some time off in the coming months and celebrate the holidays! Until next time.




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