November and “The First Holiday”

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying yourself this past month–I certainly have. November flew by and with it came my family’s first holiday celebration without my dad. Although he wasn’t exactly “involved” with the family during the holidays, Thanksgiving was harder than expected. There was the occasional tear and shared memory, but overall it was a nice day with my family and Matt’s. The memory that “got me” over the holiday? Listening to Walking in a Winter Wonderland and wondering “who is going to teach my children the ALTERNATIVE lyrics? Walking in my winter underwear?”. My sister, then, diligently promised to secretly do so. Here is a picture of Riley, who lightened the mood:

image (3)

Christmas is a great time of year and I’m already getting into the spirit, but I will save those adventures for my next post. For this post, I’d just like to highlight a few November 2014 events. The month started with Matt getting officially sworn in as an attorney! It was technically an official “court session”, including “all rise for the honorable judge”. Here is a picture of Matt with his license:

image (4)

Isn’t he professional? I love the bowties he often wears. We celebrated his swearing in by going to lunch with his father and Mel. We went to Manny’s Deli, a Chicago staple located somewhere between south loop and Little Italy. I got half of a roast beef sandwich (which they carved right in front of me!), Matzo Ball soup, and a potato pancake fried to perfection. Sadly, I was the only one to clean my plate. 🙂

Matt and I did our own celebrating when he got his first paycheck in ages by going to Hopleaf, a craft beer bar (with a primary focus on Belgians–my favorite!) located in Andersonville. We got delicious muscles and pomme frites. Outstanding. I also got this beautiful Belgian Strong Pale Ale, Pauwel Kwak, that comes in a lovely glass to accompany the light taste with a powerful ABV punch. Here is a picture:

image (5)

I then decided that I was actually going to try and use the vacation time I have accrued by doing something that I have always wanted to do–go on an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River! I tricked Laura into coming with me and freezing during the cold front we had in mid-November. Luckily, there was complimentary coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and Bailey’s so we were set. It was a great tour and super informative.

image (1)


Before actual Thanksgiving, Matt and I hosted Friendsgiving at our place. We squeezed 15 people into our one bedroom apartment and watched a jenky version of Thankskilling. I realized a few things on Friendsgiving. 1. How grateful I am for my church group of friends 2. How grateful I am that they are all solid cooks. We had a ton of really awesome dishes. Matt made the bacon wrapped turkey and I made Mashed Potato Puffs. Essentially, they’re a really bad for you and really delicious dairy filled awesome cupcake.  Here is the turkey, pre-oven:

image (2)

Here is a secret picture of everyone watching Thankskilling:


I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving! Looking forward to continuous Christmas celebrations this month!




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