New Year, New Adventures, New Friends

Hello readers!

As usual, I spent most of January inside and February is shaping up to be much of the same. I’ve spent lots of time cooking, catching up on my shows, spinning, and participating in Warriors and Wine (an hour of vinyasa followed by social time with my fellow yogis). I typically struggle during this time of year–it starts to feel like winter will never end. Therefore, I have to stay active and see friends and family! 🙂

I’ve been cooking from a cookbook that Sara got me for Christmas that has primarily vegetarian recipes. Let me put this out there–I love eating animal, but I also really like having a meatless recipe or two a week. Thug Kitchen has been the answer to flavorful substitutions. For example, Barley Stuffed Peppers:

 Stuffed Peppers Thug Kitchen

Want to know why I have been staying inside? This is the death trap outside of my house due to the 19.3 inches of snow last weekend combined with the frigid temperatures:

Icicles 2015

Right before we got snow piled on us in Chicago, I was able to visit Sara and Rob in Bloomington and celebrate one of their friend’s birthday which was super fun. I was also asked….TO BE ONE OF SARA’S BRIDESMAIDS! I’m seriously so excited to be able to stand up in her wedding. She’s one of my best friends and I’m honored she asked me.

The restaurant for Emma’s birthday was called Anju Above and had sushi and pizza. It was like tapas (in the sense that the food is meant to be shared), but it was not Spanish food. It was freaking awesome and you should go with your friends in Bloomington. Here is a picture of the group at a restaurant (which I stole from Facebook–I don’t know most of these people):

Emma's Birthday 2015

Later in the month, I was able to go out to dinner at Knife and Tine for Restaurant Week! If you’re not familiar, Restaurant Week is an annual event in Chicago (and other US cities, I know NYC does it as well) that offers patrons the opportunity to indulge in fine dining for much cheaper than the restaurant would normally cost (with the ability to try more things). Lunch starts at $22 while dinner is either $33 or $44 for a three or four course meal. Knife and Tine was great, I think my favorite thing was the shrimp n grits that I got for my “main” course. Although, the drinks were also a work of art. After Knife and Tine, the group went out for a few drinks. We played pool and chatted the night away:

Restaurant Week After Drinks 2015

Hope you all are getting out of the house, too!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventures, New Friends

  1. mangocitrus says:

    Thanks for the link! Those peppers are so delicious!!

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