A Month of Snow and Indoor Activities

Hello friends!

I know I’m making this February update late, but I’m going to stick with those adventures instead of letting bits of March slip in…If you’re living in the Chicago area, you know just exactly how shitty the past month of weather has been. It started with a blizzard on February 1, aka SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. Well of course, Matt and I are crazy and decided to still go to the Superbowl party we were invited to with Emily and Alec. I think my favorite commercial was the one to raise awareness about domestic violence. It’s not something we talk about much on a societal level, but 1 in 4 women will experience it in their lifetime. As someone who works with people who have experienced violence, this commercial certainly hit home.

The next weekend, Matt and I were able to be present for the baptism of his niece, Nola. Matt is now her godfather and he’s super pumped about it. He doesn’t read these posts, so I can safely say that I think seeing him interact with the babies is adorable! I tend to fall for him a little bit more every time he does something caring for his family.

Speaking of love, the next weekend was Valentine’s day! We don’t usually go out or anything because we are too cool. Matt ended up cooking me a fantastic filet mignon and potatoes paired with a tasty red wine. Sorry this post is pictureless thus far, but there wasn’t much to capture in the first half of the month. Maybe I’ll update with a baptism picture once SIL Kim posts.

The next weekend Matt and I went to a birthday party for Alan Rickman with our dear friend, Monica. It was his 69th birthday, so the sexiest yet. We ate, watched movies staring the man himself, and were merry.

Alan Rickman Birthday 2015.1

Here is his birthday cake

Alan Rickman Birthday 2015

Here we are, watching the flick.

The next day, we went to see his awesome 9 year old niece, Jill, for her 9th birthday! I thought she was super cute playing with her little sister, Nola, so I snapped a picture:

Jill 9th Birthday 2015

The next weekend it was time for friends and friends alone! This was the weekend we were able to try on bridesmaid dresses and make a decision for Sara’s wedding. Yay! The dresses are gorgeous and we all look fab in them, but you’ll have to wait until the wedding to get a glimpse. The ladies met up with the dudes after at Headquarters Beercade, which was a new experience and lots of fun. It’s a bar that has a bunch of old school video games that you can play for free while you’re there. There was 90s wrestling on TV so that was a definite plus. The highlight of being there on a Saturday afternoon was the $15 Lunchbox Special that included a sandwich, a side, a beer, and a shot. Good deal! Here are the dudes playing videogames:

Headquarters 2015

The just about wraps up last month! As of today, it’s feeling like spring so I believe winter is just about wrapped up too. Stay tuned for the craziness that has been March.



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