It’s already May! Where has the time gone? Last month was full of celebration, as there were a bunch of birthdays, a wedding, and an anniversary to celebrate! We celebrated birthdays for my mom and cousin Easter weekend at my mom’s house.

The next weekend, Matt and I celebrated our five year anniversary! Can you believe it? To get all mushy for a second, I am just too happy to be with him. He’s my best friend and a wonderful man–funny, intelligent, caring and sassy. I’m happy to have him as my partner and I appreciate his support more than he knows. We ended up getting each other alcohol as gifts–I got him a bottle of scotch aged in oak for five years (five years is the wooden anniversary ha-ha) and he got me my favorite beer, Golden Monkey. We know each other so well. Here are some beautiful spring flowers that Matt also brought me:

Anniversary Flowers 2015

Then, we celebrated at a wedding for a family friend of the Zarobsky clan. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was nice to hang out with just the adults for a bit. Here are the cute photo booth pictures of Kim, Shannon, and I (courtesy of Kim):

Wu.Bujanski Wedding 2015

As you can see, Matt had no choice but to bring me ;-):

Bujanksi.Wu Wedding 2015

The next celebration was for birthdays for three people in our church group–Matt, Alec, and Mark. We went to Headquarters Beercade (which I have mentioned before) in Lakeview (instead of River North). There they had a Yoo-hoo cocktail and Alex brought awesome chocolate covered treats, one of which was a chocolate covered s’more:


It’s always fun to get a good amount of the group together. THEN I took Matt to shoot a gun for the first time. We took a safety class and had some range time through Article 2 Gun Range. I personally find it a bit stress relieving to go to a range (although I’ve only been a few times). I don’t believe I need them for protection or anything like that, but I do like to shoot them in controlled environments:

Shooting 2015

Anyways, it was a jam-packed month and May isn’t looking much different. I’m grateful for the few days of nice weather we have had, grateful for my relationships, and grateful for a job that I love. Spring is a time for new beginnings and I’m embracing that idea in my yoga practice and everyday life. I hope that you all find the space that you need to grow in this new season.



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