May Flowers Brings June Humidity

May went by quickly with familial activities–the month was full of changes for both my family and Matt’s. Between a graduation, a first communion, and three different moves, everyone has been adapting to their new surroundings and the emotions that come along with that.

At the beginning of the month, Matt and I were able to celebrate Jill’s first communion (Matt’s oldest niece). It’s great to get together with family and she looked so darn cute! The same night, we were able to celebrate my sister’s 24th birthday in a low-key way with a fire and cake:

Sarah's 24th Birthday 2015

I love that Matt knows most of the words to my family’s “birthday song”. It’s longer than the normal song, but he keeps up! Later in the month, I was able to go to Sarah’s MSE graduation! Yay! So proud of her as we welcomed her into the wizarding world.


The whole family (minus Uncle Mark and Matt) were able to go to Quincy, IL for the whole weekend. Here is Buddy, me, mom, Sarah, Lauren, and Aunt Nancy:


And of course we took a trip down to the Mississippi River and stood together on a not-big-enough-rock:

Big Muddy Rock Balance

We helped Sarah move home after graduation, Matt’s brother and sister-in-law closed on a house, and Matt’s dad settled into a new space. It was definitely a week of changes for everyone! We spent memorial day at Molly’s place and were able to unwind a bit with that extra day off work.

My mom created an Instagram about a little dog she stole from my cousin, Lauren, when she was about five (aka 12 years ago). She now has this dog go to random places and snaps shots of him. You should check it out at LaurensYellowDog because it’s hilarious. Here is an example:


All of a sudden, it was June and here we are. Super busy and seeing friends and family all month. I’m starting to think I need to start saying “no” to some invitations. More on mental health and self care next time.

Cheers to June and summertime!



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