Rainy June

It’s the end of June! Because we have such short summers in Chicago, I tend to jam pack my free time…leading to stress, but fun.

I spent the first half of the summer playing beach volleyball at Montrose Beach through S3 Leagues. Basically, it’s a league to make friends or find single people–I joined the “simply social” part because I don’t need another lover ;). We ended up getting 4th out of 8 teams but had a good time. We’ve signed up for the next session together!

Beach Volleyball team

Outside of volleyball, I started the month going to the Purity Ring Concert at the Riviera. It was my first time seeing a show there, but I thought it was a good time.

Here is a crappy picture of the concert:


Here is a much better shot of the group (Sara, Chris, Me, Sabrina):


The same week was Emily’s birthday! Yay! I think that’s the latest I’ve stayed out on a week night in awhile. We were able to celebrate at Delilah’s which is one of her favorite bars in the city. What a fun night! Here we are celebrating! (Sean, Laura, Matt, Alec, Emily, me and Andy):


The next weekend I went to “Brew to Be Wild” at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Craft beer fest at the zoo? Sign me up! However…my experience/review? HORRIBLE EVENT. The lines were wayyyyy too long–about 30 minute wait per 3oz sample. THEN it started raining. Good thing I was there with fabulous people. Here is a picture of my soaked/miserable sister and I:


The next weekend was a MUCH better day weather wise and line wise. Matt and I went on a double day date with Sean and Molly to Whiskey, Wine, and Swine at Montrose Beach hosted by Players Sport & Social Group. It was a pig roast on the beach with samples of whiskey and wine and a serving of the pig. Lots of people complained about that event because of  the lines, but they clearly didn’t go to Brew to Be Wild the weekend before. Comparatively, this event was great! We even got pig noses:


Which I then used to sniff the whiskey:


This past weekend, Matt’s cousin Kris married his beautiful (now) wife, Natalie. Matt was given the privilege to read at the ceremony and he did a great job! Natalie looked gorgeous, Kris, dapper, and everything went off without a hitch (or without attendees knowing about the “hitch”). Lovely ceremony, great food, and fantastic company.

I was able to help my mom at St. Joseph Church’s Homecoming Picnic this past Sunday. Basically, we have gone to these picnics at “the park” our entire lives. The picnics benefit a different local group every week and involve lots of food, drink, and polka. It ends up being a big cultural blend of our Slovenian heritage and our American church members. For examples, folks making homemade Slivovitz and playing the button box:


This homecoming picnic begins the 125th anniversary of the church’s founding, so you can bet it was a blast! They even had anniversary mugs:


It was a nice day spent with my family and Matt working the Vegas Booth (pull tabs) raising money for the church. Here is Buddy, Aunt Nancy, and Mom:

Vegas Booth

Last night I ended the month with the girls at Paint Nite. Pretty much, you get to go and paint at a bar with your friends. I had such a relaxing/awesome time! I would definitely do this again. Check out my sweet art work:


And here is a picture of our group (Annette, Isha, me, Sara and Paige):


Ready for mini vacations and fun in July!