The Start of Autumn and Celebrations

Hello friends!

Happy fall! As usual, life is passing quickly and things are speeding up now that summer is over. Work is starting to get busy, the “social season” has amped up, the holidays are coming, and I’m enjoying myself while building in the downtime I need to stay sane. Most of September and the first weekend in October were full of wedding activities. Two of my dearest friends, Sara and Rob, got married on October 2! I figured I would share some pictures, although the professional ones are not finished yet. The first celebration was Nikah, the Islamic marriage contractual ceremony. I love to learn about cultures that are different from my own and it was really a cool experience to celebrate such a close friend’s heritage. We also lucked out and had a lesson in Bollywood dance during the celebration portion of the ceremony. Here are Sara and Rob during the ceremony:


As a part of the wedding party, I was also able to attend Sara’s modern day Mehndi celebration the night before Nikah, during which her talented sister and mother painted henna on the bride’s/bridesmaid’s hands and feet. We also watched Bollywood movies and made up our own plot/dialogue. Here is my henna, drawn by Laurie Hamdani (Sara’s awesome mom) but before it was dry:


The longer and larger ceremony was at River Roast (a restaurant on the river) in Chicago. The bridal party spent the day getting hair/make up done and feeling super glamorous. Seriously, it was much more chill than anticipated. We made quite the transformation from this:

Getting Ready

To this:


Sara looked absolutely stunning. It was the kind of pretty that makes you afraid to talk to a person, THAT’S HOW GORGEOUS SHE LOOKED. This is the best full body shot I could find (for now) before the professional pictures come through. Otherwise, here is a super cute shot of their first dance:

First Dance

While Sara was taking other cool pictures, the girls and I got creative downtown:


We also took some classy shots:


Matt was also in the wedding and cleaned up really nicely:

Matt Holding the Bouquet

Beginning of the night:


End of the night, looking exhausted by the river:


And spooky lighting:


What an honor it was to be a part of Sara and Rob’s big day! We had a blast!

The rest of September was spent outdoors as much as possible. We went to the beach to listen to the Bears game with Emily and Alec and spent other days grilling as well. My mom was awesome and got us a grill!

Here is Matt cooking:


And our group after a successful grilling event:


Here is Matt enjoying the sunset:


We also went apple picking, as is tradition, at County Line Orchard, which was relaxing and the perfect start to “official” fall. We defeated the corn maze and reached victory:


It’s been a great and eventful month. For a fall treat, I will leave you all with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Enjoy the holiday!




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