Twenty Five Days of Gratitude

Beginning November 1 and ending November 25, I have written down one thing I am thankful for per day. Self-awareness and perspective have been tools I’ve used towards living a fulfilling, productive life and I believe this exercise helped me to continue on this road.

My writing is messy, so I’m retyping this little list:


November 1: A roof over my head and not having to struggle to keep it!

November 2: Sharing a meal with clients, experiencing cultures different from my own.

November 3: Long walks in nature.

November 4: The kindness and concern of strangers.

November 5: The ability to be a life-long learner.

November 6: Yoga and the feeling of community it brings.

November 7: Creativity and being able to provide a safe space for it to flourish.

November 8: Craft shows and taking time out to be with family.


November 9: Slow days at work (the calm before the inevitable storm).


November 10: Strengthening relationships with friends.


November 11: Being able to provide support when it is needed most.

November 12: A partner who is there for me, especially when things are stressful/overwhelming/busy.

November 13: Friends who give a shit and who reach out with an extended hand when I’m struggling (and of course, dolphin bananas)


November 14: Relaxing Saturdays and the healthy body/physical strength I possess from yoga/exercise.

November 15: Long adventurous walks through the woods with my partner.


November 16: Having time to organize my brain–both at work and at home.

November 17: The ability to cook tasty meals and to have someone else who appreciates them.


November 18: The ability to save money to reach multiple goals.

November 19: Having healthy and supportive relationships.

November 20: Having resourceful, intelligent, and kind coworkers.

November 21: The ability and means to purchase and prepare foods of my choice and having friends to share it with (at Friendsgiving, for example :))


November 22: Having a healthy body, liking healthy food, making healthy choices.

November 23: Checking off my to do list and being able to relax when I have time off.

November 24: Having reliable transportation and cheap gas during the holidays.


November 25: Time spent with family and friends and the ability to maintain important relationships, even when things are busy.


Enjoy the holiday season and try to keep positive thoughts and a sense of gratitude–I will certainly be trying my best.



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