Holidays 2015

Oh the holiday adventures! The holidays always go by so fast, but I have some photo documentation from the craziness of the past month. I’m such a lucky lady to have such a great family and fabulous friends.

Matt and I went with his cousin’s Kris and Natalie to see the Bears play the 49ers in the beginning of the month–even though we lost it was still a blast and unseasonably warm:

Bears Game 12.6.2015

AND we saw my program’s hotline on the back of the door in the bathroom of a bar! WOAH.

SA Sign 12.2015

I signed up for a gift exchange on Reddit. You’re matched with another random Redditor to purchase/make a gift for someone random based on their profile and someone else is matched to you. My secret Santa made me this GORGEOUS sun catcher with a note that stated “I hope this purple lotus helps you find your center”, as my profile stated I practice yoga:

RedditGift 12.2015

The girls (Lauren, Sarah, Mom, Aunt Nancy, and I) made time to bake even though we screwed up most of the cookies somehow. The sugar cookies were still bomb!

Baking 12.2015.1

I made Christmas trees for the girls, and bloody spear heads for Bart:

Baking 12.2015

Matt and I celebrated Christmastime with Emily and Alec and made this weenie wreath:

Weenie Wreath 12.2015

We played board games with a friend, John, who still lives in Connecticut, including Roll for the Galaxy which had some cool game pieces:

RollfortheGalaxy 12.2015

We went to dinner at Quartino’s with a million people and it was awesome! Tons of friends, food, and wine and great service–they’re really good with groups and the food is all shareable. No pictures, but it was a blast.

Matt and I put up our tree together and got a live one for the first time. Honestly, it was great and not as messy as expected. $15 at Mendard’s too! Couldn’t beat it.

Our Tree 2015.1

We will do more lights next year, but it definitely made the apartment cozy and I’m missing it already:

Our Tree 2015

I spent a day in the city with Sarah and my mom which was a great time even with the rain. We went and saw A Charlie Brown Christmas at the Chicago Playhouse theater. It was definitely supposed to be for children, but we had a fun and nostalgic time anyways! I liked their casting choices and the mix of old themes with new ones:

We went to the bean (my sister’s first time) and took typical pictures:

Bean Xmas 2015

Then we went to Christkindlmarket (packed and wet, so we left) followed by the big tree that they moved to Millenium park:

We were done with downtown after that and went back to my place to build a gingerbread house:

Gingerbread Xmas 2015

My mom, Sarah, Aunt Nancy, Lauren, Buddy, Matt and I all went to Zoo Lights, as is tradition. But it was pouring rain and cold…then got crazy packed:

Zoo Lights 2015

Christmas eve was a mix of Matt’s family  and my mom’s house. The baby nieces are getting so big!!

Xmas Eve 2015.1

Matt and I also spent quiet time together watching our favorite holiday film, It’s a Wonderful Life, past midnight into Christmas day:

Xmas Eve 2015

Snickers enjoyed the holiday season:

Snickers Xmas 2015

And so did Riley, boy!

Riley Xmas 2015

We spent New Years Eve at Paige’s with a great group of friends:


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all! This year I plan to work on thinking less rigidly/more flexibly, taking time to travel a bit, and working on my friendship/relationship/work balance.





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