Winter Blues

We had such a mild winter that I feel that I cannot complain. But there is something about a lack of daylight that gives me the blues. Today is the first day of spring and, thus, I have hope for warm weather and happiness again! What have I been doing this winter? Lots of things! One of the things I did was celebrated the Superbowl at a Zarobsky family friend’s home. There was tons of food, lots of laughs, and a good game:


I went to “The Art of Healing” which was an art exhibit that my clients were a part of. The exhibit was a presentation of works by survivors of human trafficking through The Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force, hosted by Awakenings Foundation (an organization that displays art by survivors of sexual violence). It was super powerful to be a part of putting together this exhibition:

image1 (2)

The weekends have been relaxing and restful. Throughout the past few months, I cooked a ton and had multiple Friday night at-home dates and big breakfast Sundays. Here is asparagus, snap pea, and avocado pasta with a caprese salad:


I think my favorite recipe was shrimp lemon pepper linguine, but I didn’t get a picture :(. Matt made steak with merlot sauce, which was a close second. It’s one of my favorite recipes, so it usually wins. I particularly liked this black bean, mushroom, and avocado breakfast scramble for big breakfast Sundays:

image2 (2)

I’m not going to lie, I did not cook every night for all of winter. In fact, I had my fair share of Pizzeria Aroma pizza. Walking by, you would never know how delicious this place is but it’s AMAZING. This is their thin crust Hawaiian pizza (ham, pineapple, and black olives):


This winter did not just bring food–it also brought the newest addition to the Zarobsky family! Presenting our newest niece Emma Elizabeth Zarobsky! Born 3/1/2016 at 10:23am. 9lbs and 1 oz, 21 in. She’s beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her in person!


There were also plenty of times of celebration. We celebrated Jill’s 10th birthday with bubbles and Family Feud:




Then we went to the zoo for Nola’s 2nd birthday!:




We celebrated my longest friend’s, Monica’s, impending first child, Maggie. I was able to spend time with  my mom at the shower:

image3 (2)

And see Monica (obvi) and Kaelie, another life long friend:

image4 (2)

We went out with friends to try fancy cocktails to Barrelhouse Flat. It was really busy and they only had one server. Although he was trying his best, the service was not great. Not sure that I’ll be returning. I ordered Pimm’s Cup, which was super refreshing!:


I went and saw my favorite (at the moment) podcast get taped live in Chicago. Risk! presented by Kevin Allison–true stories that the people performing have never told before.


It was at Concord Music Hall, which is a newish venue that was well run, clean, and spacious. I had a great time and the show was phenominal! I really think I’m going to start getting into the story telling scene in Chicago:


Finally, we celebrated the coming of spring by spending time at the Garfield Park Conservatory and checking out their spring flower show:



A quote that I found super applicable on a plaque at the conservatory was as follows: “It is to be expected that the average citizens will find release from the tension of their overcrowded daily existence; that the contact with nature will refocus with a clearer lens their perspective on life’s values and that they may here take counsel with themselves to the end that their strength and confidence are renewed”.

It’s time for new seasons and new beginnings! Enjoy the sunshine and let’s all hope for warmer weather soon.



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