To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie – True Poems flee – ~Emily Dickinson

Ah, the lovely weather that January promises. So happy that June is here even though it’s going to fly by. This is pretty much the busiest month of work this entire year (so far). Between trainings and new clients, I’m mentally ready for July. This will be the real challenging part of maintaining a consistent self-care regime. So far so good–I’m ready to start beach yoga for the season and joined a farm share (community supported agriculture) through Nichols Farm. What is CSA, you might ask? Pretty much, you pay a fee at the beginning of the season and, in this case, you receive 22 weeks worth of vegetables and fruit that are picked in peak season freshness. So far, so good and we’ve had the BEST strawberries.

CSA Post 2017

Spring is full of birthdays in this family. We spent time celebrating Lauren, Sarah, Matt and Mom’s birthdays. Here is the bacon bomb I made (modeled after Paddy Long’s Bacon Bomb) for Mom and Lauren’s Birthdays:

Mom and Lauren Birthday Dinner 2017

Who doesn’t love 2.5lbs of beef mixed with 2.5lbs of spicy pork sausage wrapped in bacon? Here are the real best pictures from that celebration:

Mom and Lauren Birthday 2017

Aren’t Lauren and her boyfriend the cutest? 😉 Here are some particularly good one’s from Sarah’s birthday. We couldn’t go bowling this year (waht-wah) since Sarah had ACL surgery (again). Poor thing. So we played Speak Out which was HILARIOUS. I’ve done Matt the courtesy of adding his picture to this collage, since he doesn’t read this anyways.

Sarah's Birthday 2017

Doesn’t my sister look awesome? Continuing on her weight loss journey. Easter was a thing that happened:

Easter Collage 2017

Matt carved the ham and I made him go with me to get Easter breakfast food blessed.  I also ate my weight in Easter sausage–it’s pretty much stuffing in sausage form sooo….see the picture on the top right. My mom even snuck some in her purse (bottom right).

Matt and I had a self-lead brewery tour around his birthday, stopping at Begyle and Dovetail:

Breweries 2017

We celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom, Sarah and Lauren (and delicious Middle Eastern Food from Middle Eastern Bakery):

Mother's Day 2017

Matt and I took quite a few walks and started playing D&D with awesome people again:

Activities 2017

One of our walks included the Montrose Bird Sanctuary, which was a neat little nature enclave in the city:

Montrose Bird Sanctuary 2017

Here are a few highlight photos from the past few months, including lovely smelling flowers, Galaxy Trucker, Matt baking “biscuits” after walking Great British Baking Show, and a beer flight paddle for a fundraiser at Empirical that I painted with girls from the drop-in.

April 2017

And Matt and I took engagement photos! I’ll put a silly on here:


Cheers to new recipes, outdoor activities, time spent with loved ones, and generally summertime.